Each trap consists of a heavy-duty laminated outer bag and a convenient top cap which allows flies to enter and permanently traps them inside. Ecotrap´s specially-formulated fly attractant is encapsulated within the trap in a water-soluble pouch. Therefore, once the top cap is opened and water is added to the trap, the attractant is released and activated. As the trap ages, Ecotrap´s attractant actually gains more attraction power – thereby consistently luring and trapping flies for up to 6 months!

Because Ecotrap´s attractant is so powerful, this product is meant to be used OUTDOORS in well-ventilated areas as it generates strong odors. The ability of the Ecotrap Fly Guard to be the strongest odor attractant in the flies´ environment means that the consumer can easily draw the flies AWAY from the areas they wish to keep fly-free!